Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022

Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022

Serengeti Girls Scatter Abroad (Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022)

The Serengeti Girls U-17 team emerged victorious with a 4-0 win over Burundi at Urukundo Stadium in Ngozi, April 16, 2022.

The match started with both teams attacking each other in turn while Burundi appeared to be vying for victory; making occasional mistakes in the first 20 minutes.

Tanzania woke up in the 25th minute and sent a fierce attack that led to a corner kick by Veronica Mapunda and found Clara Luvanga who nailed the ball into the net in the 32nd minute; a goal that lasted until those teams went to the break.

Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022
Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022


The second period started as fast as usual Burundi were hotter after sending a fierce attack on the gate of the Serengeti Girls; however, Tanzania’s defense deflected the attack by making a surprise attack that resulted in Neema Kinega’s second goal in the 53rd minute Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022.

The third nail was blocked by Clara Luvanga in the 81st minute before Husna Mpanja netted the 4th goal in the 88th minute to end the game by giving the Serengeti Girls a 4-0 victory.

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After the game, Head Coach Bakari Shime said that the results were due to the team’s good preparation and support of the TFF, the Government led by President Samia Suluhu Hassan and various stakeholders who came forward to encourage the team.

Shime added that the team’s goals have not yet been met so the victory they got is a huge debt for the second game to be played in May Mosi in Zanzibar this year. As for the Burundian coach he did not get a chance to speak to the media after Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022 the game.

Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts and Sports Pauline Gikul said she welcomed the results and would like to send a greeting to the President as she witnessed the girls’ efforts in the sport. While Ambassador Jilly (Dr.) congratulates them and promises to continue to offer their cooperation until the team leaves to return to Dar es Salaam for the preparation of the second game.

Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022
Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022


The match between Serengeti Girls and Burundi in search of a chance to participate in the World Cup in India, in October this year, was attended by officials and many citizens from Bujumbura, Ngara and other areas near the borders of Burundi and Rwanda as well.

Some of the leaders in attendance were Deputy Minister of Culture when Serengeti Girls Yatakata Ugenini 2022, Arts and Sports Pauline Gekul, Ambassador Dr. Jilly Maleko, TFF Vice President Athuman Nyamlani, ZFF President Abdullatif Said Yassin, TFF Tournament Director and other officials from Ngara and TFF Headquarters.

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