Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva

Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva

Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva, Kanuni za Barabarani 2022, Mabadiliko Ya sheria za barabarani Driving course road rules.

Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva, Road Law [Section 168 R.E. of 2002] has enacted the Act of Roads as an official guide on how to use the road our safety and quality. It is for all those who travel on the road, including pedestrians, drivers bicycles, motorcyclists, and drivers. If each follows with these rules there will be fewer incidents of collisions with queues.

The Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva are a combination of legislation and Advice. These rules it is a simple translation of the complicated details of the Road Rules and regulations related to them. If you don’t follow them you are breaking the law, and if you will be arrested and convicted, you will be fined and banned from driving.

You can also be sent to prison for up to five years. When you see a word “MUST” or “MUST NOT” means that legally you should follow these instructions. The Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva will change over the years next and you have to contact the nearest police station if you have doubts about the current regulations.

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Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva: Sheria za madereva wa magari

Before driving
• You MUST have a valid driver’s license for the vehicle class you drive (you can drive using a valid international or foreign license for six months after arriving in Tanzania for the first time).
• You MUST be feeling well – not sick or tired.
• You MUST be able to see well (be able to read the number plate of the car from a distance of 20 meters) – if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses vision MUST be worn while driving – do not use sunglasses at night or in low light.
• DO NOT fail to drive a car because of drinking alcohol or using drugs is the only way to be sure of this is not to drink alcohol or use any drug.
• You MUST make sure that, when small children are in the the car, be it the back seats of the car, are under the supervision of people adults, with doors closed (use child restraints) – recommended be fit and use appropriate child restraints (baby carrier, child seat, or busta seat for older children).
• You MUST fasten your seat belt – this must be done by the front seat passenger also – it is highly recommended that the rear seat passengers also buckle up belts.
• You MUST adjust your seat and mirrors to drive properly, and you can see all parts of the car.

Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva
Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva

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Sheria Za Barabarani Kwa Madereva, Time to drive

  • Drive safely. DO NOT drive dangerously or recklessly. This is described as behavior that a skilled driver would regard as dangerous – for example passing another car in a place where there is a sharp corner that you cannot see well ahead.
  • Drive carefully. DO NOT drive recklessly. You must be alert and take precautions at all times. It is careless to allow being disturbed while driving, or not looking well as the road does not have a barrier before entering.
  • Appreciate others. Don’t drive like you’re in a competition and other drivers. Drive calmly and be patient if necessary others will make mistakes. Don’t force small cars to pass you.
  • Be careful – don’t be disturbed. Avoid talking or arguing and passengers. Do not eat, drink, read or smoke while driving – Do not use a mobile phone while driving even if you have a device to make the hands useless. Find a good place to stand, and then use it your phone.
  • Drive brightly at all times. Don’t look the part one for more than 2 seconds – continue to illuminate all areas to make sure you don’t miss anything – check – and everything 5 seconds look in your mirrors, even if you think there is none cars around.

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