Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022

Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022

Are you curious about the Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022? Who are the top earners in Reims? What do Stade de Reims athletes make? Have you ever wondered which Stade de Reims players make the most money? If so, don’t worry; we’ve put together a complete breakdown of the Stade de Reims players’ salary for 2022.

Reims is home to the French football team Reims.

The team, formerly known as “Société Sportive du Parc Pommery,” was established in 1910 and is presently a member of Ligue 1, having been promoted to from Ligue 2 in 2017–18.

Six Ligue 1 championships, two Cup of France trophies, and five Trophée des Champions crowns have been won by Reims.

Information about Stade de Reims The Stade Auguste Delaune serves as the site of Reims’ home games in 2022. It can accommodate 21,684 spectators.

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largest salary 2022 Stade de Reims Player (Weekly Wage)
Player Salaries at Stade de Reims? salaries in Ligue One? How much do Ligue 1 football players in France make? Who is Stade de Reims’ highest earner? Who are the players at Stade de Reims making the most money?

Although Stade de Reims withholds information on salaries, it is believed that players like Björn Engels and Hyun-jun Suk earn the most at the club based on transfer market value, as shown in the chart below.

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Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022
Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022


Like the majority of other football teams, Reims does not disclose its pay budget. However, a lot of journalists frequently provide correct information about salary bills. However, very little is known regarding the salaries of players for Ligue One teams.

Compared to other leagues, French football players have a relatively low average wage. Here are the player salaries and contract information for the Stade de Reims for 2022.

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Stade de Reims Players Salaries 2022

Player NameWeekly WageYearly Salary
Folarin Balogun£32,000£1,664,000
Maxime Busi£17,000£884,000
Arber Zeneli£14,000£728,000
Valon Berisha£13,000£676,000
Yunis Abdelhamid£12,000£624,000
Jens Cajuste£12,000£624,000
Predrag Rajković£11,000£572,000
Azor Matusiwa£9,500£494,000
Tasos Donis£9,000£468,000
Thomas Foket£9,000£468,000
Wout Faes£8,400£436,800
Fraser Hornby£7,300£379,600
Mathieu Cafaro£6,900£358,800
Moreto Cassamá£6,900£358,800
Moussa Doumbia£6,900£358,800
Kaj Sierhuis£6,300£327,600
Ghislain Konan£6,200£322,400
Nicolas Penneteau£5,900£306,800
El Bilal Touré£4,300£223,600
Ilan Kebbal£4,100£213,200
Mitchell van Bergen£3,900£202,800
Nathanaël Mbuku£3,900£202,800
Marshall Munetsi£2,900£150,800
Alexis Flips£2,500£130,000
Thibault De Smet£2,100£109,200
Andreaw Gravillon£1,500£78,000
Rafik Guitane£1,500£78,000
Dion Lopy£990£51,480
Hugo Ekitike£850£44,200
Ephraïm Tshibwabwa£820£42,640

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