Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022

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Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022: NBA Finals records for Stephen Curry: Where the Warriors legend ranks in terms of points, assists, 3-pointers, and more For the sixth time in eight years, the Warriors will return to the NBA Finals.

Superstar point guard Stephen Curry continues to build his case as the best point guard of all time with another trip to the biggest platform in basketball as the dynasty is still very much alive and strong. On the all-time list, Curry’s sixth Finals participation puts him with Hall of Famers like Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tim Duncan. However, the great Bill Russell now holds the record for the most Finals appearances Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022.

Curry has already cemented his name in the NBA Finals record books in only his first five appearances, despite the fact that the mark appears to be almost insurmountable. What NBA Finals records already does Curry possess? Which ones was he able to reach? Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022.

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Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022

The NBA Finals records of Stephen Curry

Curry has the most 3-point field goals made (121), 3-pointers made (9), and 3-point attempts made in an NBA Finals game (17). Curry now only has those two records in the NBA Finals, but he still has a chance to surpass them in terms of points, assists, and steals in Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022.

Most career 3-pointers in NBA Finals

Here’s a look at the top 10 in Finals 3-pointers. Curry’s teammate, Klay Thompson, can pass LeBron James for second-most in Finals history.

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NBA Finals game with the most 3-pointers

Curry made 9 of his 17 attempts from beyond the arc in Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals against the Cavaliers. Ray Allen’s previous mark for the most made 3-pointers in an NBA Finals game was broken by that.

In the Finals, Curry has made at least seven 3-pointers five different times. No one has performed it more than twice before.

Throughout an NBA Finals game, the most 3-pointers made

Curry will unleash his fury, no doubt about it. He is the first player in NBA Finals history to attempt at least 15 3-pointers, something he has done four times.

NBA Finals game with the most points

Curry fell 14 points short of Elgin Baylor’s all-time single-game record when he scored 47 points in Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals. Remember that 61-point threshold in case Curry goes off.

Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022

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The NBA Finals game with the most career points

Curry and George Mikan are now tied for 14th place all-time in NBA Finals points. Curry has a chance to overtake Magic Johnson and into the top 10 if the series lasts a long time of the Stephen Curry NBA Records 2022.

In the NBA Finals, most assists in career

Curry has a chance to climb the list of all NBA Finals assists, but his teammate Draymond Green could also make the top 10.

Most career steals in an NBA championship

Curry will undoubtedly climb up the list, as was indicated in the section on all-time assists, but Green could as well.

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