SUMAIT UNIVERSITY Online Application

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The old University College of Education Zanzibar (UCEZ), formed in 1998 by the Africa Muslims Agency (AMA/Direct Aid), a Kuwait-based charitable organization, served as the basis for Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University (SUMAIT University).

The University is therefore owned by AMA/Direct Aid and was created by its founder, Dr. Abdulrahman Hamoud Al-Sumait (1947–2013), a distinguished physician, philanthropist, educator, researcher, author, and founding member of the AMA. Dr. Al-Sumait is also the source of the University’s name in SUMAIT UNIVERSITY Online Application.

The University is situated at Chukwani on the Islands of Zanzibar in the United Republic of Tanzania, about 150 meters from the West Coast of the Indian Ocean and 5.5 kilometers from the seaport of the Zanzibar Old Stone Town. It is also 2.5 kilometers from the Abeid Karume International Airport SUMAIT UNIVERSITY Online Application.


  • Faculty Of Sciences
  • Faculty Of Art And Social Science
  • Center For Professional And Continuing Education
  • Examination Unit
  • SUMAIT Teachers’ College
  • Postgraduate Center

SUMAIT UNIVERSITY Online Application



List of Courses Offered at SUMAIT

  • Bachelor of Arts with Education
    • English and Geography
    • Kiswahili and Geography
    • Arabic and Geography
    • Arabic and History
    • Kiswahili and History
    • Islamic and History
    • English and History
    • Islamic and Geography
    • History and Geography
    • Arabic and Kiswahili
    • Arabic and English
    • Arabic and Islamic
    • English and Islamic
    • English and Kiswahili
    • Kiswahili and Islamic
    • Counseling and English
  • Bachelor of Science with Education
    • Physics and Mathematics
    • Chemistry and Biology
    • Physics and Chemistry
    • Computer Science and Mathematics

SUMAIT UNIVERSITY Online Application

    • Chemistry and Mathematics
    • Biology and Geography
    • ICT
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Computer Science
    • Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Counseling Psychology


  • Certificate Programs
    • Computing Information and Communication Technology
    • Early Childhood with Education
    • Science with Education
  • Diploma Programs
    • Arts
      • Information Technology (without Education)
      • English and Kiswahili
      • English and Arabic
      • English and History
      • English and Islamic Studies
      • English and Geography
      • Arabic and Islamic Studies
      • Islamic Studies and Kiswahili
      • Early Childhood
    • Science
      • Physics and Mathematics
      • Chemistry and Biology
      • Physics and Chemistry
      • Chemistry and Mathematics
      • Biology and Geography

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