Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration Form download: How do I register for teaching Council of Zambia Online? If you are looking for How TO register for teaching Council of Zambia Online, then you’ve come to the right place. By the end of this article, you will be able to complete the Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration process on Tcz Portal. We’ll guide you through each step with ease from your home or office.

The Teaching Council of Zambia is a Statutory Body constituted in compliance with the Teaching Profession Act No.5 of 2013. It is a corporate organisation designed to control the teaching profession through teacher registration and accreditation of all colleges of education.

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration

Follow these steps outlined below for a successful Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration

  1. To start Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration you will first need to have the Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration Form. You can get the registration form at Debs/if in Lusaka, from the Data center at Jesmondine, Mwambula Road or from the TCZ website (www.tcz.ac.zm).
  2. Once you have the registration form, you must complete all sections of the Applications form with the most accurate information.
  3. Deposit the application fee in Zanaco (Bill Muster) in accordance with the applicant’s category and acquire a bank deposit slip.
  4. Attach your Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration Form with One(1) Passport size photo; Verified copies of academic qualifications; Verified copies of Professional qualifications; Bank deposit slip and Certified copy of NRC before sending it to the TCZ
  5. Please get your original receipt from the Accounts Unit at TCZ;
  6. Non-Zambians must provide additional supporting documentation and obtain permission from the Zambia Qualification Authority (ZAQA).
  7. Submit the paperwork to your Debs office/regional offices in Kitwe, Livingstone, and Kasama. If you are in Lusaka, please submit your application form to the Data Center at Jesmondine, Mwambula road.
  8. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email later.

Now You can apply for certification after successfully registering on the Teaching Council of Zambia web site and acquiring a TCZ number.

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration
Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration

Teaching Council Of Zambia Practicing Certificate Online Application

Note: Teachers who hold a TCZ number are able to apply for a practicing certificate even if they haven’t received their registration certificates yet.

Follow these procedures listed below to apply for a teacher practicing certificate online:

  1. First you need to check the fee applicable for the category you wish to apply for before you start application process, then
  2. Pay the required fee amount at NATSAVE (TCZ deposit slip) or ZANACO (bill Muster)
  3. Then, go to www.tcz.ac.zm/certification and click on the TCZ practicing certificate link.
  4. Subscribe, Then enter your TCZ number, your NRC and Non Zambian Passport Number. There after Create your own password (better mixed letters & numbers), Confirm your password and then Click Subscribe
  5. Once you done all the subscription procedure, head over to Teacher Login
  6. Enter your login details ( Enter TCZ number & Enter password ) Then, click login
  7. Thereafter Tap Apply for certification
  8. Choose the number of years of service
  9. Select qualifications
  10. Choose a class
  11. Upload a passport-sized picture.
  12. Then, upload a photograph of your signature.
  13. Upload the deposited slip from the computer.
  14. On the computer-printed deposited slip, enter the reference number. If there are many references, use a slash (/) to separate the numbers. e.g. 48348000/23670
  15. Click the Apply button.

Contact TCZ For Help

Call the help center from the contact details listed below if you face any challenges.

  • (0968121687/0978517145/0956911634) or write to us, tcz@info.org.zm
  • Take advantage of instant printing of Licenses in Ndola and Chipata!
  • For more information kindly visit official website via the link >> TCZ WEBSITE

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