The 5 best Chelsea sides ever

The 5 best Chelsea sides ever

Chelsea has influenced the Premier League more than most other teams with The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. They have aided in changing the English game’s tactics.

Narratively, they’ve even triumphed in the contests that decided the championships of Leicester City and Liverpool in The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. They’re always there: White Walkers, who have a piercing blue gaze and emotionless fantasies of dominance and are never far from destroying everything in their path.

The Blues, you know, don’t have a reputation for being revolutionaries, but they actually are. Chelsea was the major influence for how to evaluate a potential club owner for a long time, and we owe a lot of our current hire-and-fire culture to the way that Abramovich did things. Mourinho was the first manager to really introduce the 4-3-3 to England, while Conte was later the first to win big with a three-at-the-back system.

Without a doubt of The 5 best Chelsea sides ever, Chelsea has fielded teams that may be compared to some of the best in history, despite the fact that their latest Russian windfall just occurred in 2003. But which Stamford Bridge squad has ever won the global championship?

While some were characterized by a longer period of time, whether they remained winning during that era or didn’t see as much change over a few years, we’re just looking at one season that defined most of these teams.

The 5 best Chelsea sides ever


Strangely, the Chelsea club that won the Champions League and was undoubtedly the finest of Roman Abramovich’s reign is not even close to becoming the greatest Blues team in history.

After Andre Villas-Boas was fired midseason, this squad, which was in turmoil domestically, would finish sixth in the league. However, it was the team’s leaders—Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Didier Drogba—who propelled Chelsea to their first Champions League championship with home-field victories against Napoli, Benfica, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich in the knockout stages.

Without Juan Mata, maybe, no one on this squad was at their very best. While Daniel Sturridge led the league in scoring that season, and several of the players in this squad—including Oriel Romeu, Ryan Bertrand, and Romelu Lukaku—would go on to play a larger role in other teams, Drogba had a very underwhelming year of The 5 best Chelsea sides ever.

However, this Chelsea team was prepared for the big occasion to a T, including taking home the FA Cup in May. This Blues team may have had the most mental toughness since no one would bet against them in a huge game against any opponent, as seen by the remarkable penalty shootout in Germany.

The 5 best Chelsea sides ever
The 5 best Chelsea sides ever



At Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel accomplished exactly what he had been engaged to do at Paris Saint-Germain was among of The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. Put together a group of high-priced yet exciting big-money talents that the ownership has purchased and use Thiago Silva to lead them to European triumph.

Boy was efficient, even though it wasn’t always pretty to watch Chelsea’s second European winners. They only just gave in. While a shifting cast of players around them produced the sparks of pure genius, Kovacic, Jorginho, and Kante kept the engine turning. This, though, didn’t feel finished; rather, it felt like a clever manager’s solution to how to get the most performance out of a mismatched team he had inherited.

Why then does this team seem so low on our list? Well, Tuchel deserves the most of the credit for the feat, despite some fantastic performances along the way. A loss to Leicester City in the FA Cup tarnished how powerful this group of players was, and they nearly lost their chance to compete in the Champions League the next season. One of the most outstanding teams in recent seasons, yet Chelsea has a few superior players.


The return of Jose Mourinho seemed to be the end of his story of The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. With Mourinho discussing settling down and staying, and Abramovich mending the hatchet, it seemed as if Ross and Rachel were at last getting together. Jose and Chelsea seemed to be in the perfect situation to continue where they had left off at the ideal time. Initially, they did.

Nobody could touch Mourinho in his second season. Thibault Courtois, Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, and Nemanja Matic were all added to the lineup by him, and they all had an immediate impact. By Christmas, Chelsea were far ahead of the competition, and it wasn’t just because of a few 1-0 victories here and there.

Eden Hazard was brilliant, Oscar and Willian were in fine form, and Fabregas was looking years younger in this side. Diego Costa was a striker who belittled, humiliated, and bullied the opponents for Chelsea in a level that has never been matched since.

The burnout that followed was something that not even the most ardent Mourinho detractor could have possible predicted on The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. The unusual couple split up once more; Roman moved on to another Italian relationship while Mourinho moved in with a vengeful foe. But when things were good, they were very terrific.


West London’s post-Mourinho years were difficult  moment in this The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. As Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City started to establish themselves, Arsenal and Liverpool were still championship contenders in The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. This was Sir Alex Ferguson’s resurgence. Carlo Ancelotti produced one of his most storied squads in the middle of all of this.

Mourinho’s role models on the field had developed into elite footballers. In their respective fields, Cole, Terry, and Ivanovic were perhaps the finest in the world. Drogba was going to set a record by scoring 29 goals, Nicolas Anelka was the backup, and Lampard, Essien, Ballack, and Mikel could play in the middle of the field. Even without considering the first team, the depth was absurd.

2004 – 2006

The first Chelsea squad led by Jose Mourinho is perhaps the best Premier League team of all time and among the all-time great club teams in The 5 best Chelsea sides ever. Although the team’s laughably low goal total of 15 is frequently mentioned, as is the fact that Jose never lost a home league game throughout his first Chelsea stint, it’s sometimes easy to overlook how well-rounded they were.

They weren’t only a defensive unit though; when Chelsea won the title in 2005 and 2006, they only scored one goal less than the Invincibles and, for the first triumph, they only lost one more game. In their inaugural year, Jose’s team not only won the League Cup but also the Champions League, losing only to Liverpool and a very contentious ghost goal by Luis Garcia.

It’s often hard to beat your first masterpiece, and perhaps Roman Abramovich will never again experience a Special One-like first season in England. This is the benchmark by which all English champions are measured, not only for Chelsea teams.

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