Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania

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Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania Tanzanian Premier League is the highest competitive league in Tanzania, managed by the Tanzanian football federation TFF. It was founded in 1965, at that time known as the “National League”. The name was changed to “First Division League” and again changed to “Major League” in 1997.

Starting from the 2018/19 season of Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania, the league grew to 20 clubs that played two-round competitions. The club that ranked first at the end of the season participated in the championship club competition in Africa (Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League) the following season.

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Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania

From the season Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania, the winner of the Azam Sports Federation Cup qualified to participate in the (CAF Confederations Cup), before the change, the runner-up in the league was the one who qualified to participate in the Confederations Cup in Africa. The bottom three in the premier league were relegated to the first division for the following season.

Ushindi wa klabu

Jina la KlabuWashindi
Yanga Sc28
Simba S.C. (inajumuisha Sunderland)22
Mtibwa Sugar F.C.2
Tukuyu Stars S.C.1
Pan African S.C.1
Azam F.C.1
Cosmopolitans F.C.1
Mseto Sports S.C.1
Coastal Union S.C.1
Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania
Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania

Yanga Trophy

  • Tanzanian Premier League : Champions (28)
  • Nyerere Cup: Champions (3)
  • FAT Cup: Champions (2)
  • Tusker Cup: Champions (2)
  • Mapinduzi Cup: Champions (2)
  • Community Shield: Champions (6)

Total Trophy 43

Simba Trophy

  • Tanzanian Premier League: Winner (22)
  • Nyerere Cup: Winner (3)
  • FAT Cup: Winner (4)
  • Dar es Salaam League : Winner (2)
  • Tusker Cup: Winner (5)
  • Community Shield: Winner (9)
  • Mapinduzi Cup: Winner (3)

Total trophy 48

Timu Yenye Makombe Mengi Tanzania: trophy serves as an acknowledgment or proof of merit and is a concrete, long-lasting remembrance of a particular accomplishment. Trophies are frequently given out for sporting events, including everything from junior sports to professional athletics. Medals (or, in North America, rings) are frequently awarded in various sports, either as the winning prize or in addition to more conventional awards.

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