Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League

Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League

In the past, we’ve created lists of football players with the highest salaries, the highest paid players in England, and the highest paid players in the Premier League. This time, we decided to try something new and instead of concentrating on the Premier League football players with the highest salaries, we would concentrate on Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League.

Top 10 Premier League football players that are underpaid
To construct the list of the Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League, the editorial staff at Silly Season selects the underpaid football players from the Premier League. Here are the Top 10 Football Players Making the Least Money in the Premier League.

Footballers in the Premier League that are paid the least
Who are the Premier League’s lowest-paid football players? Which Premier League football players receive the lowest salaries? Which players do you believe would be among the top 10 footballers with the lowest salaries? Well, believe it or not, we have reduced the list to the 10 football players who earn the least money.

Although most of the players on this list are regular starters and important members of their teams, a surprising number of players don’t receive large salaries. In other cases, the club simply lacks the funds to make such payments. We all know the club could pay more in some circumstances, but hey, inexpensive players, right?

But only for a while; as these players continue to develop, it is certain that some of them will be quickly grabbed up by another squad that will value and desire their services.

Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League
Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League


Premier League football player with the lowest salary

Sillyseason has assembled the Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League, much like the EPL Worst Team of the Week and Premier League Team of the Week.

Who was among the Premier League’s Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers? Who are the ten players with the lowest salaries? Just wait till you see Top 10 Lowest Paid Footballers In The Premier League.

Jeremy Ngakia – £2,500 – Lowest paid player in Premier League

The right-back appeared in five Premier League games for West Ham in the 2019-20 campaign. Later, the 21-year-old joined Watford and made 25 appearances for them in the Championship. He is yet to play for Watford since their return to Premier League.

Will Norris – £5,769

Burnley’s Will Norris earns £5,769 per week. He is the third-choice goalkeeper at Burnely and made just three appearances in 18 months at Turf Moor.

Bali Mumba – £5,000

Bali Mumba is part of newly promoted Norwich City and earns £5,000 per week. Meanwhile, his wages are more than the lowest-paid players from previously promoted sides Brentford and Watford. Mumba has only appeared once in the Premier League this season.

Remi Matthew – £4,700

Crystal Palace’s Remi Matthews is a goalkeeper and also played for Sunderland. He earns £4,700 per-week at Palace. Matthews is their third choice and has yet to find a place this season.

Jan Zamburek – £3,150 – Lowest paid player in Premier League

Despite being one of the lowest-paid footballers in the Premier League, Ben Gibson is helping his side Brentford in the Premier League. He is just 20 years old and plays as a midfielder. He is the product of the Slavia Prague academy. He has spent time with Brentford’s B Team and Shrewsbury Town on loan since signing in 2018.

Shola Shoretire – £8,000 – Lowest paid player in Premier League

The 17-year-old Shoretire under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the latter part of the last term. He is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League but his wages are understood. He is still waiting for the senior appearance.

Mark Gillespie – £11,538

Newcastle’s goalkeeper Mark Gillespie is the worst-paid player at St James’ Park. He joined Magpies from Motherwell in 2020. He is yet to make an appearance in the Premier League. Newcastle found new ownership last season so they might increase the wages for Gillespie.

Jakub Moder – £10,000

Jakub Moder is an established international player and plays along with Robert Lewandowski. Despite this, he is the lowest-paid player at his club. The 22-year-old will see wages rise later in his career.

Anthony Gordon – £10,000

Anthony Gordon is 20 years old and he has been a regular player for Everton in Premier League. He played 35 matches in the 2021/22 season and scored four goals. His current wage is modest but you imagine that could change in the near future.

Liam Delay – £8,000

The teenager is part of Manchester City and they are also the richest club in England. He gets a very modest wage at the Etihad and it’s surprising. He could be a good option as a striker in the future perspective.

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