Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023

Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023, Vinara wa Assist Ligi Kuu Ya NBC: Players in football’s biggest leagues in East Africa have begun the battle to be crowned the most creative player in Tanzania this season. The 2022/23 campaign will see another Tanzania Assists King award handed out, with Clatous Chama and Stephane Aziz Ki being most of the name mentioned in most of Tanzania football fans for their creativity talent on the pitch.

The two players continue to show case their cooking abilities on the pitch and with their current portrayed performance its no wonder one of them may end up as the winner to top assist for the 2022/2023 NBC premier league, but they will have to fight hard to win the crown as there are other players who are waiting for their chance to take over the most assist crown.

Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023
Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023

The other notable name in the running for the award are Pape Osman Sakho, Djuma Shaban, Feisal Salum, Victor Akpan and Reliant Lusajo who all has been on a hot streak this season and it seems like its only a matter of time before they get things more interesting.

The season is still young and there are many more games left to be played, so any player can still turn the table to his favor. Here you will find Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023.

Top Assist NBC Premier League Tanzania 2022/2023

Player NameAssistTam
Reliant Lusajo6Namungo Football Club
Pape Osman Sakho5Simba Sports Club
Fiston Mayele5Yanga Sports Club
Djuma Shaban5Yanga Sports Club
George Mpole5Geita Gold Football Club
Pius Buswita5Ruvu Shooting
Kibu Dennis4Simba Sports Club
Feisal Salum4Yanga
Tepsi Evance4Azam Football Club
Kassim Haruna4Polisi Tanzania
Victor Akpan4Coastal Union

In football, every player on the field is important to his job. But often the ones who get credit are the ones who score goals or prevent goals from being scored. As a savvy football fan, you may need to appreciate even the players who provide assists in the pursuit of scoring goals. Without them, players who score goals may not be on top as usual.

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