Top market values in Premier League 2022

Top market values in Premier League 2022

Teams sometimes spend a lot of money during the transfer season to add the right athlete to their roster, but have you ever wondered who the most expensive player in the Premier League is in Top market values in Premier League 2022? Welcome to the Premier League’s best market values for 2022.

Since the current English top division was founded in 1992, transfer costs for Premier League players have risen rapidly, with new records on Top market values in Premier League 2022 almost every year.

Some teams are now paying close to nine-figure amounts for players, although it was more common in the first decade of the Premier League for top players to go for anything between £5 million and £30 million.

Jack Grealish now holds the record for most transfers in the Premier League. Manchester City spent £100 million to acquire the winger from Aston Villa in the summer of 2020 on Top market values in Premier League 2022.

The 25-year-old England international on Top market values in Premier League 2022, who was well established in the game when he was signed, is at the height of his abilities. Naturally, clubs will pay top dollar for any young player who is fast establishing a name for himself or for veterans who are towards the end of their careers but still have plenty to give.

The top ten team market value trends in the Premier League in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2011 to 2022 are shown in this statistic. As of March 2022, Manchester City’s market worth was still the highest at over 892.17 million British pounds. The Dossier: Premier League has additional details about the Premier League, while the Dossier: Football in the United Kingdom contains more information about football in the UK.

According to newly released information on Top market values in Premier League 2022 from the KPMG Football Benchmark team, player valuations have stayed unchanged since the 19.6% decline in values brought on by the covid epidemic.

The statistics do demonstrate the Premier League’s continued financial strength since the average market value of a player there is €21 million, nearly twice as much as players in the Bundesliga and LaLiga, whose average market value is €11.5 million.

Top market values in Premier League 2022
Top market values in Premier League 2022

Outside of the conventional big five,” the Portuguese Primeira Liga maintained its top spot, ahead of the Dutch Eredivisie and Russia’s premier division, according to KPMG. The average player worth in Brazil’s premier division has increased by 20% (from €1.9 million to €2.3 million).

The value surge of a number of young talents, like 20-year-old midfielder Danilo of Palmeiras, who nearly quadrupled his worth in three months, is largely to blame for the increase in Campeonato Brasileiro Série A.

The most valuable squads belong to Manchester City and Chelsea, but Manchester United slid five spots in the list (from third to eighth) with a squad worth that fell from €1.011 billion to €824.8 million since December, mostly as a result of certain expensive players going out on loan.

In contrast, Barcelona’s squad valuation increased by €146 million as a result of the January acquisitions of Adama Traoré, Ferrán Torres, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as well as younger talents like Gavi ($50.1 million), Nico González ($35.7 million), and Ez Abde ($16.2 million).

Erling Haaland leads the overall rankings, followed by Man City’s Phil Foden, while Vincius Junior had the highest increase in market worth (+€35.7 million). Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool is ranked third. Eight of the top ten players by value are Premier League players.

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