Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT

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The Electronic Transactions Fee of 2022, was not evaluated for its effects on the economy starting from the lower people, so it goes against the principles accepted in the world and should not be used.

Those charges which they say cut more than twice from one source, is an unnecessary procedure in the process of establishing a source of Government revenue.

According to economic experts on Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT, what is present in these charges, are deductions made at each step of a person who wants to use his money, something that is not advised on taxes.

Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT

“Consider an employee whose salary was paid to the bank. If he says to put it into his M-pesa or Tigopesa account, he will be charged and when he wants to withdraw it to use it, he will be charged again. This is one income that has been deducted (salary tax) PAYE… you cannot deduct three taxes from one source,” said Dr. Balozi Morwa, senior lecturer at the Catholic University of Mbeya (CUCoM).

Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT And the senior lecturer on tax matters of the University of Dar es Salaam, Dr. Deogratius Mahangila, said that the charges for electronic transactions have exceeded the acceptable level.

“This is not even double taxation but a multiplicity of levies imposed after the Government saw that many transactions are done digitally. If it continues, it will reduce the motivation to use financial services. It needs to be re-examined, I suggest it be reduced,” advised Dr. Mahangila.

Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT
Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT

Is it a Fee or Tax?

Despite tax being deducted more than twice from the same source, Dr. Morwa said that the difference between tax and levy is still not understood and what is seen is if the Government is hiding in the word levy, so that it does not appear to be violating the tax rules accepted in the world.

Normally, he said taxes are charged nationally but the charges are under certain authorities, especially councils, and are placed on specific services such as waste collection or protection to improve them.

“If the council imposes a waste collection fee, it is understood that it is the cost of paying for the vehicles and the staff who provide the service. If the service is suspended, the charge does not continue, but here in the transactions, it is not clear how the charge came about,” he said.

Tozo Mpya za Benki 2022 Bank VAT is Due to these deductions not being well understood, he said that is why neither the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) nor any other ministry came forward to educate and motivate the people to pay as is done in other areas in order to enrich the Government’s coffers.

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