Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing

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Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing is a combat sport in which two people, usually wearing protective gloves and other protective equipment such as hand wraps and mouthguards, throw punches at each other for a predetermined amount of time in a boxing ring.

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Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing

1Abdallah Paziwapazi89.46super middleweight   24-6-1
2Jacob Maganga49.90super middleweightN/A12-9-5
3Twaha Kiduku46.20super middleweightN/A15-4-1
4Hussein Itaba38.21super middleweightN/A6-3-2
5Francis Cheka38.07super middleweightN/A34-12-2
6Stam Kessy28.80super middleweightN/A3-3-4
7Selemani Saidi27.64super middleweightN/A19-14-5
8Ibrahim Maokola27.20super middleweightN/A13-8-1
9Mada Maugo15.89super middleweightN/A23-20-0
10Kanda Kabongo12.80super middleweightN/A5-4-0
11Alex Mahende5.25super middleweightN/A1-1-0
12Karage Suba4.63super middleweightN/A15-14-2
13Salum Nassoro-1.40super middleweightN/A3-3-1
14Paulo Kamata-4.57super middleweightN/A5-8-0
15Imani Daudi-5.60super middleweightN/A5-8-2
16Moris Dastan-14.00super middleweightN/A0-1-0
17Shabani Kaoneka-14.52super middleweightN/A7-13-7
18Rashid Abdallah-26.50super middleweightN/A2-3-0
19Zumba Kukwe-31.70super middleweightN/A8-4-4
20Omari Minyangi-46.67super middleweightN/A3-6-0

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Twaha Kassim
19 8 1
8 KOs 1 KOs

Box-pro division super middle
94 / 1,396
1 / 31

bouts 28
rounds 183
KOs 28.57%
career 2013-2022
debut 2013-05-25

Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing
Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing

Twaha Kiduku (Chumd GaPrince Kassim) is a professional boxer from Tanzania. Born 05 Jan 1992.

His professional record consists of 19 total fights, with 14 Wins (7 by KO), 4 Losses, 1 Draw. Kiduku is in the middleweight division, he fights in the orthodox stance.

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Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing, Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission (TPBRC) , TPBRC licenses, sanctions and governs professional boxing events in Tanzania

Despite the fact that the name “boxing” is typically associated with “western boxing,” in which only the fists are used, boxing has evolved in diverse ways across various regions and civilizations Twaha Kiduku Record and Ranking Boxing. In general, boxing refers to a group of combat sports that emphasize striking, in which two opponents engage in a duel utilizing at least their fists and, depending on the rules, their elbows, knees, heads, and/or knees.

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