Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023

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Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023, the Mvumi Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS) was founded. The Diocese of Central Tanganyika oversees MIHS, which is fully accredited and operating under the authority of Regulation HAS/011(NACTE). Seven training departments make up the institute, which grants certificates, diplomas, or both on Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023.

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Training provided in Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023 by institute include:

(i)Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine (NTA 6),
(ii)Ordinary Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery (NTA 6),
(iii)Ordinary Diploma in Medical Laboratory (NTA 6),
(iv)Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences (NTA 6),
(v) Ordinary Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (NTA 6),
(vi) Certificate in Biomedical Engineering (NTA 5)
(vii) Ordinary Diploma in Optometary (NTA 6).

Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023

Udahili Vyuo Vya Afya 2022/2023

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Welcome to Central Admission System
Application for Admission into Health and Allied Sciences Certificate and Diploma programmes for academic year 2022/2023.

The Deadline for application of first round:- Deadline 30/07/2022

  • 1. In due course of application, you must have a VALID working email address; and mobile phone number.
  • 2. Kindly select your most preferred Programme according to your qualifications.
  • 3. You can select up to 12 institutions/programmes.
  • 4. The Application Fees is Tshs.10,000/= per institution and maximum of Tshs.30,000/= for the rest of the choices (Non-refundable).
  • 5. You will be issued a Control Number for the payment of the Application Fees.
  • 6. The payment can be made through Mobile Money services or Bank.
  • 7. Kindly read the Students Admission Guidebook for your Programme of interest’s specific
    entry qualifications/requirements before making any choice. Click here to view/download the Admission Guidebook.
To proceed with Registration and Application:
  • If this is your first time click here to start your application.
  • If you are already registered please click here
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