UDOM Sr2 login | udom.ac.tz login

UDOM sr2 login | UDOM SR2 results udom.ac.tz login, UDOM Sr2 ACCOUNT (sr2.udom.ac.tz) | Student Record Management System, UDOM SR2 Portal Login

UDOM sr2 login Udom sr2 udom.ac.tz login | Student Record Management System (SRMS) is the management of records for the University Of Dodoma throughout the records-life cycle.

The student record management system (UDOM SR2) is designed to help manage the daily University activities of recording and maintaining by automating it.

What Student Record Management System does is enable the efficient and secure management of student data. This process helps university of Dodoma to stay on top of the records, grades and attendance of each student, track academic progress, communicate with teachers and other staff members, stay up-to-date with laws and mandates, implement interventions and sanctions in case a student misbehaves or behaves inappropriately — all while ensuring no personal information of any sort is ever accessed by non-administrative personnel.

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Student Record Management System (SRS), sometimes also referred to as Student Information System (SIS), Student Management System (SMS), or Student Information Management System (SIMS) in some other universities.

Here we’ll show you all details about University Of Dodoma SR2, UDOM sr2 login account, Udom sr2 Registration, UDOM SR System, sr2.udom.ac.tz login

UDOM SR2 Login: How Do I Sign into UDOM Student Record Management System?

If you are a new UDOM student or continuous and you are still not able to login into Udom Student Record Management System SR2, then I am sure that you would be looking for how to login into Student Record Management System account?

Well, the good news is that there is no need to panic. You can easily login into Student Record Management System SR2 by following the steps listed on this article.

Before jumping into University Of Dodoma Sr2 Login and Udom sr2 Registration guidelines here are take point we thought you may need to know about Student Record Management System

What are the Features Of UDOM sr2 login | udom.ac.tz login ?

  • University of Dodoma Student Record Management System (management system udom sr2) offers 24 hours, seven days week support in case of any trouble
  • University of Dodoma Students can access the system from anywhere via an internet connection
  • SR2 UDOM system offers a very user friend interface which is very easy to use
  • Supports multiple browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome

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What Can Be Done With UDOM SR2 System?

  • Admission Management
  • Document Management
  • Fee Management
  • Student information storage, including grades and attendance
  • Faculty management
  • Registration management
  • Control the application procedure
  • Manage the payment of tuition and fees.

UDOM sr2 login | udom.ac.tz login & Udom sr2 Registration Guidelines

A Student Record Management System (SRMS) is made specifically for students of the University to navigate school matters easily with one simple login. Whether you’re a fresher trying to register for courses, or an alumnus wondering about what classes you’ve taken this semester

In addition to registering for courses and paying tuition fees, you can check your course schedule, view academic calendar info., submit and update your personal details, receive semester results, and much more.

UDOM SR2 has everything you ill need as a student of University of Dodoma (UDOM), and nothing more.

The system is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple to navigate interface and intuitive design that makes it easy for students to find what they need.

It’s also mobile friendly so you can access all your information on the go with any device that has internet connection!

UDOM sr2 login | udom.ac.tz login
UDOM sr2 login | udom.ac.tz login
SR2 UDOM Login Account Step By Step Guide


To Login to UDOM Student Record Management System (SRMS) you must visit the university of Dodoma official website

Here >>> https://www.udom.ac.tz/home
sr2 Udom login account Direct Link


On the Homepage’s Main menu click on ” ICT SERVICES” Then click on ” UDOM University Of Dodoma  SR2″ as shown below


Thereafter you will be redirected to Student Record Management System (SRMS) where you must correctly enter your Username and Password so as to login into your SR2 Account

NOTE: If it’s your first time on the SR2 UDOM system then you can use Your admission number as Username and Your surname in capital letters as a Password. Once you successfully login remembers to change the login password for security reasons.

The Management of the University of Dodoma has finally enabled an online access point for all its undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, certificate, master’s, and PhD programs’ students and staff.

You can now log in to the new UDOM SR2 Portal 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection!

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This means you can use any device with web browser capabilities – such as computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets, or even phones – when logging in to learn about all the latest information available at UDOM.

The new UDOM SR2 Portal provides a single point of access to all the university’s services, including those for students and staff.

This portal is designed to make your life easier by providing a convenient way to manage your academic records, financial information, and administrative tasks.

You’ll find full details about every course offered here at UDOM including undergraduate degrees course handbooks and prospectuses; graduate degree prospects; accreditation information; rules and regulations; admission guidelines and deadlines; fees schedules; curricula requirements for each program offered within specific departments.

All this information will be available right at your fingertips thanks to UDOM SR 2 system

What Are The Benefits of the Udom Sr2 System?

Here is a quick summary of the few significant benefits of using SIS in educational settings:

  1. Enhanced productivity and error’s minimizations
  2. Reduced Operational cost
  3. increasing enrollment rates
  4. Addressing both the needs of the parents and the pupils
  5. simple classroom organization
  6. Easily accessed performance surveillance
  7. Informed decision making

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For more details about the University of Dodoma (UDOM) student’s login portal, You may visit your department for any challenge experienced on the profile or during any of the above procedures. Or you Can contact

  • (+255) 262310003
  • P.O.Box 259 Dodoma, Tanzania
  • info@udom.ac.tz

Newly admitted (freshmen) and returning students of the University can easily register an account or log in with the help of the Student Record Management System (SRMS).

such as course registration, payment of fees, Transcript, Check Semester Results, View Admission List/Status, Acceptance Fees Payment Procedures View the Academic Calendar, Additional Credit Hours, Admission Deferment, etc.

The administration of the University of Dodoma (UDOM) has made a login portal available online for its undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs’ students and employees.

A desktop computer, laptop, notebook, tablet, or even a smartphone with an internet connection can be used to access the University of Dodoma SR2 Portal whenever you need to.

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How do I change my Udom sr2 password?

If you have been sking your self How Can i change my login password in Student Record Management System UDOM Sr2, we have provided you below with an easy to follow two step guide to do it in a matter of minute.

  1. To change your Udom sr2 password please visit sr2.udom.ac.tz/site/request-password-reset, then you will be asked to provide your login email address.
  2. You must correctly enter your email and click on the “Send New Password ” Once you click “Send New Password ” you new login details will be delivered to your email inbox.

Can i access Udom Sr2 system from any Browser?

Yes any one can access the system from any browser but for better experience, it recommend to use google chrome web browser or Firefox. If you are using Microsoft edge browser make sure your device is run the latest version.

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