Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo

Nyongeza ya mishahara 2022/2023, Taratibu za Kupandishwa Vyeo na Mafunzo kwa Watumishi, Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo, Madaraja ya walimu na mishahara, Watumishi wa umma kupandishwa madaraja

Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandaji Vyeo After the Chief Government Spokesman, Gerson Msigwa, asked the workers to be calm and promised to give an explanation about the salary increase in July, the statement has sparked debates on social networks.

The Tanzanian government has asked the workers to be calm while promising to provide clarification on the July, 2022 salary increase.

The statement issued by the Chief Government Spokesman, Gerson Msigwa via the Twitter page last night, Friday July 22, 2022, has promised to clarify the Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo.

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“Fellow workers, please calm down, the Government will provide an explanation regarding the increase in salaries that occurred in the salaries of July, 2022. Gerson Msigwa. The Chief Spokesman of the Government” said Msigwa’s statement without explaining when the explanation will be provided.

Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo

The statement said the Government has planned to spend an amount of Sh9.7 trillion in the financial year 2022/23 to cover the payment of salaries of all employees in the Central Government, Local Governments, Institutions and Government Agencies.

The increase came a few days after President Samia assured the workers in the country that the Government in the financial year 2022/2023 will increase the salaries of its employees.

President Samia made the promise on Sunday May 2022 during the celebration of the world’s workers held at Jamuhuri Stadium in Dodoma.

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Yesterday, on the page of the Chief Spokesman of the Government, he wrote that the Government will provide an explanation regarding the salary increase for the month of July/Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo.

Kuhusu utumishi wa umma kwa mwaka wa fedha 2022-2023:-

1. Kupandisha vyeo watumishi 85,000 hadi 91,000.

2. Kulipa malimbikizo ya shilingi bilioni 60

3. Kurekebisha muundo wa utumishi wa umma

4. Ajira mpya 40,000

5. Kupandisha mishahara ya watumishi.

Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo

Ufafanuzi Kuhusu Upandishwaji Vyeo: According to the instructions of the Secretary-General (Service) in the letter No.CAC.45/257/01/A/83 dated 9/9/2013, an employee is eligible to be promoted after serving the previous position for a period of at least years three (3) based on the existing TANGE (Seniority list), Structural Characteristics, Existence of an approved position in Ikama and the availability of funds to cover promotions in the budget.

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