URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages

URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages, This is a fact sheet of the wages and bonuses paid to players who are expected to take part in URA FC Kampala 2022/2023. This document stems from an existing breakdown of Uganda Revenue Authority Football Club (URA) wages list, which is provided below as a comparison.

URA FC has a dedicated players’ committee and management, who work together to decide on the club’s wages policy. This document describes how and why URA FC players are paid what they are paid in addition to outlining the terms of their contracts.

URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages is a professional football club that competes in the top division of the Ugandan National Football League.

URA FC plays its home games at Celebrity Fitness Uganda Stadium, which has a capacity of 20,000 people. The club was founded in 1997 and is based in Kampala, Uganda.

URA FC is a team that has given the Ugandan soccer a lot of players and here is where you find all the information about URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages

URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages

Allan Munaabadefence33Uganda
Ali Moses Fenimidfield31Uganda€80K
Jimmy Kulabadefence29Uganda€110K
Godfrey Ssembatyamidfield26Uganda€10K
Ronald Musanamidfield30Uganda€90K
6Hassan KalegamidfieldUganda€100K
10Mikidadai Sseyongamidfield26Uganda€92K
12Ivan SserubirimidfieldUganda€89K
18Julius Mutyabamidfield29Uganda€100K
19Ronald KigongodefenceUganda€19K
22Alex AkankwasadefenceUganda€10K
23Arafat GaliwangodefenceUganda€81K
25Dada Ibrahim JumaattackUganda€101K
26Steven MpozamidfieldUganda€10K
32Fakuru KatongoledefenceUganda
Sadrach SsebulimeGoalkeeper26Uganda
Salim WekiyaGoalkeeper27Uganda€14K
1Nafian AlionziGoalkeeper26Uganda€20K
24Samuel MwakaGoalkeeper24Uganda€100K
4Najib FesaliCentre-Back23Uganda€100K
5Paul MbowaCentre-Back26Uganda€30K
17Benjamin NyakoojoCentre-Back25Uganda€81K
13Derrick NdahiroLeft-Back24Rwanda€70K
3Hudu MulikyiRight-BackUganda€70K
4Ivan NtegeDefensive Midfield28Uganda€107K
8Shafiq KagimuCentral Midfield23Uganda€100K
14Moses SseruyiddeCentral Midfield27Uganda€100K
15Jackson NundaCentral Midfield31Uganda€60K
21Davis SsaliCentral MidfieldUganda€18K
7Joackiam OjeraRight MidfieldUganda€110K
2John AlouAttacking Midfield20Uganda€100K
11Michael BirungiAttacking Midfield27Uganda€81K
16Saidi KyeyuneAttacking Midfield29Uganda€70K
Derrick NsibambiLeft Winger28Uganda€30K
27Viane SekajugoLeft Winger26Uganda€100K
URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages
URA FC Kampala Players Salaries 2022/2023 Wages

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