Utajiri wa Bakhresa 2022

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Utajiri wa Bakhresa 2022: Said Salim Awadh Bakhresa was born in Zanzibar in 1949. He founded and now serves as chairman of the Bakhresa Group of Companies. On both the mainland of Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, he is a well-known industrialist. He built the commercial empire in under three decades, starting off modestly as a tiny restaurateur in the 1970s.

He left school at the age of 14 to work as a potato mix salesman, and he eventually rose to prominence as an African businessman. The largest milling firm in East Africa, the Bakhresa Group is a conglomeration of several businesses with activities in Tanzania and five other nations.

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By limiting the spread of the illness at his workplaces, Bakhresa is assisting in lessening the consequences of malaria on his workers. Bakhresa’s company now only spends roughly US$3400 per month on malaria medicine as opposed to US$10000 per month to treat its ill employees Utajiri wa Bakhresa 2022.

They ceased using the monotherapy medicine Fansidar in favor of artemisinin-based regimens that employ polytherapy, which are more successful. The Bakhresa Group has teamed up with other businesses to eradicate malaria in their region. Tanzanians who are employed by businesses other than Bakhresa’s have benefited as well from Bakhresa’s fight against malaria in Africa.

Utajiri wa Bakhresa 2022

Utajiri wa Bakhresa 2022

Said Salim Bakhresa is the chairman of Bakhresa Group, one of Tanzania’s largest industrial conglomerates. The group is involved in agribusiness, beverages, logistics, media, oil trading, recycling and packaging. Four of his sons serve as executive directors in the company.

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Said Salim Bakhresa
$600M Net worth
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