VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam

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VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam, VETA‘s other responsibility is to deliver top-notch vocational training. VETA owns 28 training facilities to carry out this function.

VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam, In the Makete Districts, there are 14 Regional Vocational Training and Services (RTSCs), 10 Vocational Training Centers (VTCs), 1 Vocational Teachers Training College (VTTC), and 1 District Vocational Training Center. In the Ilala District of Dar es Salaam, there is also the Kipawa ICT Center and the VETA Hotel and Tourism Training Institute VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam.

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VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam

1DSM RVTSCChang`ombe road near KekoP. O. Box 40274022 2862562/2862583[email protected] http://www.vetadsm.comDay
2Dodoma RVTSCNear CBEP.O. Box 2197 Dodoma026 2324154[email protected]Day and Boarding
3Singida VTCMtanda streetP.O. Box 733 Singida026 2502281[email protected]Day and Boarding
4Mikumi VTCMikumiP.O.Box 110 Mikumi0232620458[email protected]Day and Boarding
5Dakawa VTCDakawa- 60km from Morogoro to DodomaP.O. Box 1696 Morogoro023 2628601[email protected] and Boarding
6Kihonda RVTSCKihonda Dodoma road (15km from Morogoro)P.O. Box 2208 Morogoro023-2603734[email protected]Day and Boarding
7Kipawa IICTKipawaP.O. Box 40040,Dar es Salaam[email protected] and Boarding
8Mwanza RVTSCMWATEXP.O. Box 1983028 2572456[email protected]Day and Boarding
9Mara VTCMusoma townP.O. Box 188028 2642830[email protected]Day and Boarding
10Kagera VTCRwamishenyiP.O. Box 906 Bukoba028 2220489[email protected]Day and Boarding
11Iringa RVTSCNear Samora stadiumP.O. Box 778 Iringa026-2702865[email protected]Day and Boarding
12Makete DVTCIwawaP.O. Box 138 Makete255 787326298[email protected] www.veta.go.tzDay and Boarding
13Songea VTCSongea townP.O. Box 902 Songea025 2602442[email protected]Day and Boarding
14Mbeya RVTSCSowetoP.O. Box 1020 Mbeya025 2504372[email protected] www.veta.go.tzDay and Boarding
15Mpanda VTCMpanda townP.O. Box 190 Mpanda025 2820151[email protected]Day and Boarding
16Shinyanga VTCShinyanga-KizumbiP.O. Box 470 Shinyanga028 2763437[email protected]Day and Boarding
17Tabora RVTSCSchool streetP.O. Box 2060 Tabora026 2702885[email protected]Day and Boarding
18Ulyankulu VTCUlyankulu 90km from TaboraP.O. Box 111 Tabora026 2604750[email protected]Day and Boarding
19Kigoma RVTSCKigoma townP.O. Box 1068 Kigoma028 2804952[email protected]Day and Boarding
20Arusha VTCNear Oljoro JKTP.O. Box 509 Arusha027 2500968[email protected] and Boarding
21Moshi RVTSCMarket street, near SIDO estate/old airportP.O. Box 1738 Moshi027 2754269,2753901[email protected] and Boarding
22Tanga RVTSCTanga TownP.O. Box 1204 Tanga027 2644271,2644617[email protected] and Boarding
23VETA Hotel and Tourism Training InstituteNjiroP.O. Box 14340736501255[email protected] and Boarding
24Mtwara RVTSCShanganiP.O. Box 58 Mtwara023 2333808/ www.veta.go.tzDay and Boarding
25Lindi RVTSCLindi townS.L.P 1001[email protected]Day and Boarding
26Pwani RVTSCKongowe[email protected] www.veta.go.tzDay

VETA Chang'ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam

VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam

1. Civil Draughting (CD)
2. Electrical Installation (EL)
3. Fitter Mechanics (FM)
4. Carpentry and Joinery (CJ)
5. Laboratory Assistant (LA)
6. Electronics (ELEC)
7. Binding and Printing Finishing (PT)
8. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)

9. Truck Mechanics (TM)
10.Welding and Fabrication (WF)
11.Secretarial Courses (SC)
12.Office Machine Mechanics (OMM)
13.Auto Body Repair (ABR) VETA Chang’ombe DSM RVTSC Dar es Salaam
14.Masonry and Bricklaying (MB)
15.Design Sewing and Clothing Technology (DSCT)
16.Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
17.Painting and Sign writing (PS)
18.Plumbing and Pipe fitting (PPF)
19.Off Set Machine Printing (OSMP)
20.Pre Press and Digital Printing

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