Vifurushi Vya DSTV Na Channel Zake 2022

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Na Channel Zake 2022, Channel za vifurushi vya DSTV: If you live in Tanzania, you probably know that DStv is a popular cable television channel. DSTV is a subscription-based satellite TV service that offers hundreds of channels, including sports and movie channels.

The company offers a variety of packages to fit your budget and lifestyle ranging from the entry-level Access package to the premium Family pack. whether you want to watch movies or television series. In addition to local channels, DStv has a wide range of international content.

DStv has been a popular choice for many years in Tanzania, but it is not the only way to watch your favorite shows. In fact, there are plenty of other options for Tanzanians who want to enjoy their favorite programs without paying high subscription fees. The good news is that you can do this without compromising on quality or service.

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Na Channel Zake 2022

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Vifurushi Vya DSTV Na Channel Zake 2022

vifurushi vya DSTVTotal ChannelTotal HD Channels 
Dstv Premium Package170+ Channel40+ Hd Channel
Dstv Compact Plus155+ Channels30+ Hd Channels
Dstv Compact145+ Channels25+ Hd Channels
Dstv Shangwe115+ Channels15+ Hd Channels
Dstv Bomba90+ Channels10+ Hd Channels
Dstv Poa50+ Tv Channels2hd Channels

Dstv Premium Package

If you want to experience the biggest stars in entertainment and news, get DStv Premium (Vifurushi Vya DSTV). You’ll be able to watch movies, series and reality shows as well as get access to lifestyle and news programs. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Channel Za Dstv Premium Tanzania

203 SS Premier League175 Food Network
204 SS LaLiga190 Spice TV
205 SS Football301 Cartoon Network
302 Boomerang
207 SS Variety 2309 Disney Junior
208 SS Variety 3303 Disney
209 SS Variety 4305 Nickelodeon
210 SS Action307 Nick Jr
308 NickTOONS
212 SS Cricket306 Cbeebies
101 M-Net310 JimJam
119 1Magic314 ZooMoo
121 Discovery Channel322 MTV Base
323 TRACE Mziki
135 Discovery TLC Entertainment325 Trace Naija
156 Africa Magic Hausa334 TRACE Muzika
157 Africa Magic Yoruba333 TRACE Jama
159 Africa Magic Igbo326 AFRO Music
400 BBC World News
153 Africa Magic Urban401 CNN International
104 M-Net Movies 1402 Sky News
106 M-Net Movies 2406 Al Jazeera
107 M-Net Movies 3410 CNBC Africa
411 Bloomberg
105 M-Net Movies 1422 News Central
152 Africa Magic Epic170 CBS Justice
168 ROK171 Discovery ID
137 TNT Africa182 Nat Geo Wild
181 National Geographic
114 KIX183 WildEarth
163 Maisha Magic Plus185 Curiosity Channel
174 BBC Lifestyle186 The History Channel

Kifurushi Cha DStv Compact Plus

With DStv Compact Plus, you can get the entertainment you want plus some extras. You will be enthralled as the home of the UEFA Champions League, major international football leagues and UFC, all Africa Magic networks, and award-winning documentary channels.

Channel Za DStv Compact Plus

154 Africa Magic Family152 Africa Magic Epic
156 Africa Magic Hausa107 M-Net Movies 3
157 Africa Magic Yoruba108 M-Net Movies 4
112 Studio Universal
151 Africa Magic Showcase168 ROK
153 Africa Magic Urban186 The History Channel
119 1Magic170 CBS Justice
116 Vuzu185 Curiosity Channel
182 Nat Geo Wild
121 Discovery Channel181 National Geographic
205 SS Football171 Discovery ID
206 SS Variety 1301 Cartoon Network
207 SS Variety 2302 Boomerang
303 Disney
209 SS Variety 4309 Disney Junior
210 SS Action305 Nickelodeon
202 SS PSL307 Nick Jr
203 SS Premier League308 NickTOONS
314 ZooMoo

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Shangwe

DStv Shangwe is a reliable source of family entertainment. There’s something for everyone in the family, with material ranging from LaLiga and Serie A football action to Africa Magic channels, dramas and movies, kids’ entertainment, news, and more.DStv Shangwe offers an affordable and convenient way to enjoy quality programming. You can watch football, movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet with the DStv GO app.

Channel Za DStv Shangwe

156 Africa Magic Hausa208 SS Variety 3
157 Africa Magic Yoruba301 Cartoon Network
159 Africa Magic Igbo309 Disney Junior
302 Boomerang
132 CBS Reality306 Cbeebies
129 BET152 Africa Magic Epic
117 Universal Channel174 BBC Lifestyle
125 FOX182 Nat Geo Wild
422 News Central

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Bomba

Your entertainment world can be made more exciting by subscribing to DStv Bomba. With this package you can enjoy movies, drama series, gripping international telenovelas, reality TV and documentaries all at your fingertips. DStv Bomba has a wide variety of movies and other entertainment content that will keep you busy for hours. You can catch up on your favorite telenovelas and series or enjoy international dramas from different countries.

Channel Za DStv Bomba

156 Africa Magic Hausa182 Nat Geo Wild
159 Africa Magic Igbo400 BBC World News
157 Africa Magic Yoruba422 News Central
310 JimJam
200 BLITZ325 Trace Naija
451 B4U Movies

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