Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira, Dstv football package in Tanzania: DSTV has become a source of entertainment for many families in Tanzania and Africa in general. DSTV satellite service provider has grown among the communities that have been able to provide the best service in our televisions at home by bringing us various programs including movies, series, WWE actions, Formula One, Football actions and so many other programs.

The company has been able to provide the best in class service and they have been able to get their customers the best when it comes to entertainment.

The service provider has grown so much among Africans because they offer various packages at different prices that suit different people depending on how much they can afford.

If you live in Tanzania and currently looking for the information about Dstv football package in Tanzania (Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira) then we are here to help. On this article we’ll reveal to you which DSTV package is best for your football action thirst.

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira

Currently Dstv Offer a total of 6 package namely Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Shangwe, Bomba and Poa. Each of these DStv packages is loaded with a number of channels, designed to cater to different types of users.

Some of these packages are not that great for a savvy football fan, but some are the best options. Here, we help you decide which package is best for you, specifically if you are a football lover.

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira

Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira

DSTV Premium Package Features

This package is best For All Football Competition Such as UEFA Champions, EUROPA, EPL, LA LIGA, Seria A and much more.

  • There are almost 170 channels.
  • All sixteen SuperSport channels
  • The most recent blockbuster films
  • More movie pop-up channels
  • Award-winning series
  • Showmax is available at no additional cost.

DSTV Compact Plus Feature

Compact Plus Dstv package is one of the best Dstv football package in Tanzania and one of my favorite of course as with this package you can enjoy almost all football competition without breaking the bank.

  • Best football coverage, including Champions League
  • More sports involving the UFC and NBA
  • Documentaries with awards
  • Excellent international series and films

DSTV Compact Features

If you do not mind miss Uefa Champions League or watch these match from banda umiza then you may consider subscribe DSTV compact package. Though you may not be able to watch the champions league, still this is one of the best Dstv football package in Tanzania you may consider if your current budget doesn’t allow you to subscribe DSTV Premium or DSTV Compact Plus.

  • Premier League, FA Cup, Carabao Cup
  • International movies, series, and reality shows
  • All kids and educational channels
  • Best local and international news
  • WWE wrestling

Above are the best Dstv football package (Vifurushi Vya DSTV Vya Mpira) every football lover need to subscribe. Other Dstv package such as DSTV Shangwe, Bomba  and Poa are not really good option if you are looking for the mouth watering football actions, but still from these package you may keep in touch with some matches from top leagues like La liga, Seria A and premier league.

Channels Za Mpira Dstv

Channel NameTune Number
SS BlitzDStv channel 200
SS GrandstandDStv channel 201
SS PSLDStv channel 202
SS Premier LeagueDStv channel 203
SS LaLigaDStv channel 204
SS FootballDStv channel 205
SS Variety 1DStv channel 206
SS Variety 2DStv channel 207
SS Variety 3DStv channel 208
SS Variety 4DStv channel 209
SS ActionDStv channel 210
SS RugbyDStv channel 211
SS CricketDStv channel 212
SS GolfDStv channel 213
SS TennisDStv channel 214
SS MotorsportDStv channel 215
WWEDStv channel 128
GINXDStv channel 127
ESPN 1DStv channel 218
ESPN 2DStv channel 219

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