Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023, Wafungaji bora NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Top Scorers: A list of the top scorers in the NBC Premier League for the season 2022–23.

The Premier League is a professional league for men’s association football clubs in Tanzania Bara. At the top of the Tanzania football league system, it is the country’s primary football competition. Contested by 16 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF).

NBC Premier League 2022/2023 Top Scorers. The following is a complete list of all players who scored at least goal during the NBC Premier League 2022/2023 football season, sorted by goals. Players listed by name and number, position (e.g. forward, midfielder), and club are included.

The players are listed in order of most goals scored during the season. The list includes all goal scorers from the beginning of the season until the final match day of NBC Premier League 2022/2023. Players who did not play any matches are not listed.

Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Italicized players are those who have yet to appear in the Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023 season. Bolded players are those who scored at least 10 goals for their club during this season.

  • 1#: Fiston Mayele Yanga 10 Goals
  • 2#: Moses Phiri Simba 8 Goals
  • 3# Sixtus Sabilo Mbeya City 7 Goals
  • 4#: Reliant Lusajo Namungo 6 Goals
  • 5# Idrissa Mbombo Azam Fc 6 Goals
  • 6# Feisal Salum Yanga 4 Goals.
  • 7#: Matthew Anthony KMC 4 Goals.
  • 8#: John Bocco Simba 4 Goals.
  • 9#: Bruno Gomez Singida Big Star 3 Goals
  • 10#: Okrah Simba 3 Goal
  • 11#: Prince Dube Azam 3 Goals.
  • 12#: Saido Ntibazonkiza Geita Gold 3 Goals.
  • 13#: Sakho Simba 3 Goal.
  • 14#: Medie Kagere Singida Big Stars. 3 Goals

In recent sesons, the likes of Fiston Mayele, Pape Ousmane Sakho, John Bocco and Gorge Mpole have emerged as some of the best forwards for the 2021/22 NBC Tanzania premier league. The 2021/22 NBC Premier League has been a record-breaking season in more ways than one.

Many Football Analyst in Tanzania has described it as the most exciting and dramatic league they had ever seen, with there being some top performance from different Young Africans players who emerged as the winner of the league.

Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023
Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023

Now its time to put beside the last season events though some of them will surely made their way into the Tanzanian football history book. Here we’ll keep you with the updated list of NBC Premier league Top scorer for the 2022/2023 season (Vinara wa Magoli NBC Premier League 2022/2023).

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