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Water Institute WI SIMS Login Water Institute (WI), formerly known as Water Resources Institute (WRI) was established in the year 1974, being a unit in the Ministry of Water and Energy. The aim was to meet the need for middle-level water technicians under the former National massive 20-years Rural Water Supply Programme (1971-1991). In 1980 the name of the Institute was changed to Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute (RWRI).

Water Institute WI SIMS Login

WDMI has three estates, namely Ubungo, Tabata and Mabibo. The Main campus is located in Ubungo area, along the University Road nearby the College of Engineering and Technology of University of Dares Salaam. It has total area of 18 hectares of which 3 are not yet developed. The Tabata estate has total area of about 7 hectares, of which only 1 hectare has been developed and the Mabibo estate of about 2 hectares which is fully developed.

Welcome to WI – Online Application System (OAS)

Water Institute WI SIMS Login
Water Institute WI SIMS Login
  • The Rector, Water Institute (WI) invites suitably qualified candidates for admission into various programmes for the academic year 2022/2023.
    • Applicants are required to apply online through this portal and follow instructions given to complete their applications. Payment can be done via mobile money (M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money) or directly into Water Institute bank account – NMB after getting reference number.
    • In case of Technical Problems during the application process please contact our IT Staff at 255733701944. For issues to deal with courses of study and clarifications of Entry requirements please contact our Admissions office at 255673679352, 255767727687 .
      Applicants must: Carefully read and understand the Programmes Admission Requirements
       September 02, 2022 for Diploma   Round II
       August 05, 2022 for Bachelor Degree   Round I
Water Institute WI SIMS Login
Water Institute WI SIMS Login

Water Supply and Sanitation Engineering, Hydrology and Meteorology, Hydrogeology and Water Well Drilling, Water Laboratory Technology, and Irrigation Engineering are among the training programs offered by WDMI that lead to National Technical Awards (NTA) levels 4, 5, and 6.

758 students were enrolled at the institution from 2008 to 2013, demonstrating a significant increase in enrollment compared to enrollment before the institute became an executive agency.

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