WBBL 2022 Schedule Women’s Big Bash League

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WBBL 2022 Schedule Squad: The Women’s Big Bash League 2022-23 season is set to begin on October 13 with a match between the Brisbane Heat and the Sydney Sixers at Great Barrier Reef Arena.

WBBL 2022 league stages will conclude on November 20, followed by a finals week. Notably, the Women’s Big Bash League returns for the first time in three seasons, with games scheduled throughout six states and the ACT.

WBBL 2022 Schedule Women’s Big Bash League

13-OctBrisbane HeatvsSydney SixersGreat Barrier Reef Arena6:40 PM
14-OctSydney ThundervsHobart HurricanesBlacktown3:00 PM
15-OctAdelaide StrikersvsSydney SixersGreat Barrier Reef Arena2:40 PM
15-OctBrisbane HeatvsMelbourne StarsGreat Barrier Reef Arena6:05 PM
16-OctMelbourne RenegadesvsAdelaide StrikersGreat Barrier Reef Arena9:15 AM
16-OctSydney SixersvsMelbourne StarsGreat Barrier Reef Arena12:40 PM
16-OctSydney ThundervsPerth ScorchersBlacktown5:00 PM
17-OctHobart HurricanesvsPerth ScorchersBlacktown7:05 PM
18-OctBrisbane HeatvsMelbourne RenegadesGreat Barrier Reef Arena2:30 PM
18-OctHobart HurricanesvsSydney ThunderBlacktown7:05 PM
20-OctPerth ScorchersvsMelbourne StarsWACA Ground5:10 PM
21-OctMelbourne RenegadesvsBrisbane HeatKaren Rolton Oval11:30 AM
21-OctSydney SixersvsAdelaide StrikersKaren Rolton Oval2:55 PM
22-OctPerth ScorchersvsSydney ThunderWACA Ground11:30 AM
23-OctSydney ThundervsMelbourne StarsWACA Ground10:40 AM
23-OctPerth ScorchersvsHobart HurricanesWACA Ground2:15 PM
24-OctAdelaide StrikersvsMelbourne RenegadesKaren Rolton Oval3:00 PM
25-OctBrisbane HeatvsSydney ThunderAllan Border Field5:15 PM
27-OctBrisbane HeatvsAdelaide StrikersAllan Border Field6:10 PM
28-OctAdelaide StrikersvsPerth ScorchersAllan Border Field2:15 PM
29-OctHobart HurricanesvsSydney SixersEastern Oval10:15 AM
29-OctMelbourne RenegadesvsMelbourne StarsEastern Oval2:00 PM
29-OctBrisbane HeatvsPerth ScorchersAllan Border Field6:10 PM
30-OctMelbourne RenegadesvsSydney SixersEastern Oval3:00 PM
31-OctMelbourne StarsvsSydney ThunderEastern Oval3:00 PM
2-NovAdelaide StrikersvsMelbourne StarsBlacktown3:30 PM
2-NovSydney ThundervsSydney SixersBlacktown7:05 PM
3-NovHobart HurricanesvsMelbourne RenegadesBlundstone Arena7:10 PM
4-NovSydney ThundervsBrisbane HeatBlundstone Arena3:30 PM
5-NovMelbourne StarsvsAdelaide StrikersLilac Hill10:00 AM
5-NovPerth ScorchersvsSydney SixersLilac Hill1:25 PM
6-NovHobart HurricanesvsBrisbane HeatBlundstone Arena10:15 AM
6-NovMelbourne RenegadesvsSydney ThunderBlundstone Arena1:40 PM
6-NovPerth ScorchersvsAdelaide StrikersLilac Hill1:50 PM
7-NovMelbourne RenegadesvsHobart HurricanesBlundstone Arena7:10 PM
9-NovPerth ScorchersvsBrisbane HeatLilac Hill12:00 PM
10-NovSydney SixersvsMelbourne RenegadesCitiPower Centre3:00 PM
11-NovAdelaide StrikersvsHobart HurricanesKaren Rolton Oval5:30 PM
12-NovMelbourne RenegadesvsPerth ScorchersCitiPower Centre10:15 AM
12-NovMelbourne StarsvsSydney SixersCitiPower Centre1:40 PM
12-NovBrisbane HeatvsHobart HurricanesKaren Rolton Oval5:30 PM
13-NovSydney SixersvsPerth ScorchersCitiPower Centre10:15 AM
13-NovMelbourne StarsvsMelbourne RenegadesCitiPower Centre1:40 PM
13-NovAdelaide StrikersvsSydney ThunderCentennial Park Oval2:30 PM
14-NovAdelaide StrikersvsBrisbane HeatKaren Rolton Oval5:30 PM
15-NovHobart HurricanesvsMelbourne StarsLatrobe Recreation Ground3:00 PM
15-NovSydney ThundervsMelbourne RenegadesManuka Oval7:10 PM
16-NovMelbourne StarsvsHobart HurricanesLatrobe Recreation Ground3:00 PM
16-NovSydney SixersvsBrisbane HeatNorth Sydney Oval7:10 PM
18-NovAdelaide StrikersvsHobart HurricanesNorth Sydney Oval3:40 PM
18-NovSydney SixersvsSydney ThunderNorth Sydney Oval7:05 PM
19-NovMelbourne StarsvsPerth ScorchersTed Summerton Reserve10:40 AM
20-NovPerth ScorchersvsMelbourne RenegadesTed Summerton Reserve10:15 AM
20-NovSydney SixersvsHobart HurricanesNorth Sydney Oval1:40 PM
20-NovMelbourne StarsvsBrisbane HeatTed Summerton Reserve2:00 PM
20-NovSydney ThundervsAdelaide StrikersNorth Sydney Oval5:15 PM


The Women’s Big Bash League 2022-23 season will begin on October 13 and conclude on November 20 at North Sydney Oval in Sydney. The following is the complete WBBL 2022 schedule.

WBBL 2022 Schedule Women's Big Bash League
WBBL 2022 Schedule Women’s Big Bash League

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