Womens Mundialito champions 2022

Womens Mundialito champions 2022, Spain is the first women’s world championship winner! Spain won the Women’s Mundialito 2022, with Lorena earning MVP and Top Scorer honors and Hannah Haughton being voted best goalie.

A proper final was played all the way through.

Due to the fact that Spain and England entered the crucial game tied on points, only a victory would be of interest to either squad. When Lorena scored the game’s first goal 40 seconds into play, the hosts established an early lead. Before the half, Lorena would score again, giving Spain the lead going into the second session.

After seeing Haughton out of position and lobbing the ball from her own half, Sara Tui increased the advantage. It was a wonderful goal, but it didn’t put England in danger Womens Mundialito champions 2022. Two minutes later, Wendy Martin headed it in to close the gap, but Corbacho’s medium-range shot restored Spain’s three-goal lead. Once more, the Lionesses responded, scoring twice in a span of 50 seconds (one each from Hillier and Kempson), reviving the game as it entered the third.

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The match was as close as it could go in the last 12 minutes, with England seeking to tie it up, but the hosts triumphed and won to win the first Women’s Mundialito championship Womens Mundialito champions 2022.

Ukraine concludes the competition in joy.

Slavková gave the Czech Republic the lead in the game that would determine third place, but still in the first period Ukraine responded and changed the outcome with goals from Dekhtiar and Marianna.

Going into the second session, the Ukrainians didn’t slow down, and within four minutes, they were 5-1 up. With a score of 5-3 going into the third period, Markéta and Folprechtová closed the gap Womens Mundialito champions 2022.

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Womens Mundialito champions 2022

As interesting as the previous two periods, the game’s closing 12 minutes saw goals from Kostiuk, Tykhonova twice, and Dekhtiar for Ukraine and Pchová and Jungová for the Czechs. The Ukrainians won 9-5.

RESULTS – Matchday 3

Ukraine 9-5 Czech Republic
Spain 4-3 England


1st – SPAIN
2nd – England
3rd – Ukraine
4th – Czech Republic


MVP – Lorena
Best Goalkeeper – Haughton
Top-scorer – Lorena

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