World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022

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World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022 More than 2,000 goals have been scored in the 21 editions of the FIFA World Cup final tournaments, not counting penalties scored during shoot-outs. Since the first goal scored by French player Lucien Laurent at the 1930 FIFA World Cup, more than 1,250 footballers have scored goals in the World Cup final tournaments, of whom just 97 have scored five or more.

World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022

Miroslav Klose Germany24160
Ronaldo Brazil19151
Gerd Müller Germany13141
Just Fontaine France6130
Pelé Brazil14120
Jürgen Klinsmann Germany17110
Sándor Kocsis Hungary5110
Gabriel Batistuta Argentina12104
Teófilo Cubillas Peru13102
Grzegorz Lato Poland20100
Gary Lineker England12102
Thomas Müller * Germany16101
Helmut Rahn Germany10100
Ademir Brazil690
Roberto Baggio Italy1692
David Villa Spain1292
Eusébio Portugal694
Jairzinho Brazil1690
Paolo Rossi Italy1490
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Germany1990

World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022 Guillermo Stábile of Argentina led all scorers in the first edition with eight goals. Since that time, only 22 players have scored more goals in all World Cup games combined than Stábile did in the 1930 competition. Sándor Kocsis of Hungary took the top spot in 1954 with eleven. Just Fontaine of France improved on this mark in the next competition by scoring 13 goals in just six games.

World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022
World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022

World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022 In 1970, Gerd Müller scored 10 goals for West Germany. In the 1974 World Cup final, when West Germany won, he scored his 14th goal, shattering the previous record. Prior to Cristiano Ronaldo scoring 15 goals for Brazil between 1998 and 2006, his record remained for more than three decades.

Miroslav Klose of Germany went on to set a record by scoring 16 goals in four straight tournaments between 2002 and 2014 in World Cup All-time Topscorers Rank 2022.

In the World Cup finals, just six players—Kocsis, Fontaine, Stábile, Russia’s Oleg Salenko, Switzerland’s Josef Hügi, and Poland’s Ernst Wilimowski—have averaged two goals or more per game played. The last of them, in 1938, scored four goals in his sole World Cup match.

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