Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head H2H Results

Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head H2H Results, Takwimu za Michezo ya Yanga Vs Coastal Union H2H, Coastal Union Vs Yanga H2H: Yanga Sc/ Young Africans Vs Coastal Union is one of the best games in the football calendar in Tanzania. These two teams have been meeting in various football competitions including NBC Premier League and Azam sport confederation cup.

Out of the total number of games that these two teams have played, Yanga sports club has been able to emerge victorious in more games and make it look the best than Coastal Union when ever the two are facing each other.

Although Young Africans Sc win most games on their encounter against coastal union, this does not mean that Coastal Union is a daily loser when they meet Yanga SC, Football is an unpredictable game and any team can get any result at any time, so it will not be surprising to see the Coastal Union team changing history in future games.

Here we’ll be tracking all Young Africans Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head H2H Results and providing you with latest updated statics.

Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head H2H Results

Coastal Union vs Yanga Sc Head to Head as as 2022
Match DayCompetitionHomeResultsAway
6/8/2022Tz premier leagueYanga ScCoastal Union
1/16/2022Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-2Yanga Sc
3/4/2021Tz premier leagueCoastal Union2-1Yanga Sc
10/3/2020Tz premier leagueYanga Sc3-0Coastal Union
2/23/2020Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-0Yanga Sc
2/23/2020Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-0Yanga Sc
10/6/2019Tz premier leagueYanga Sc1-0Coastal Union
10/6/2019Tz premier leagueYanga Sc1-0Coastal Union
2/3/2019Tz premier leagueCoastal Union1-1Yanga Sc
9/19/2018Tz premier leagueYanga Sc1-0Coastal Union
1/30/2016Tz premier leagueCoastal Union2-0Yanga Sc
9/13/2015Tz premier leagueYanga Sc2-0Coastal Union
4/8/2015Tz premier leagueYanga Sc8-0Coastal Union
2/3/2015Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-1Yanga Sc
1/29/2014Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-0Yanga Sc
8/28/2013Tz premier leagueYanga Sc1-1Coastal Union
5/1/2013Tz premier leagueYanga Sc1-1Coastal Union
11/11/2012Tz premier leagueCoastal Union0-2Yanga Sc
3/31/2012Tz premier leagueCoastal Union3-0Yanga Sc
9/28/2011Tz premier leagueYanga Sc5-0Coastal Union
Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head H2H Results
Yanga Vs Coastal Union Head To Head | Coastal Union Vs Yanga H2H Results

About Yanga/ Young Africans Sc: The Young Africans Sports Club, or Yanga for short, is a Tanzanian football club founded in 1935 that participates in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League currently titled NBC premier league due to sponsorship reason.

The club nickname “Timu Ya Wananchi / wafalme wa jangwani” has won 27 titles in the country and 5 times in the Kagame East Africa Champions Cup. In its community shield match against Azam FC, Yanga beat Azam by a score of 8 goals to 7. The Young Africans Sports Club is without a doubt one among the best and most loved football club in East Africa . The club has produced some of the best footballers in East Africa and is also one of the most successful clubs in the region.

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