Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023

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Zamalek Sporting Club نادي الزمالك للألعاب الرياضية, commonly referred to as Zamalek, is an Egyptian sports club based in Giza. It is one of the most successful football clubs in Africa and the Middle East, and was the most titled African team in the 20th century.

Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023

32El Sayed AteyaEgypt01/01/2001
16Mohamed AwadEgypt06/07/1992
34Mohamed NadeemEgypt
5Mohamed AbdelghaniEgypt13/07/1993
36Hossam AbdelmaguidEgypt30/04/2001
13Mohamed AbdelshafiEgypt01/07/1985
4Mahmoud AlaaEgypt28/01/1991
Ahmed EidEgypt01/01/2001
28Mahmoud El WenshEgypt01/06/1995
7Hazem EmamEgypt09/07/1988
29Ahmed FatouhEgypt22/03/1998
41Mohamed HassanEgypt20/04/2002
24Hamza MathlouthiTunisia25/07/1992
38Hatem MohamedEgypt26/10/2001
8Emam AshourEgypt20/02/1998
12Mohamed Ashraf RoqaEgypt10/07/1993
40Seif GaafarEgypt05/12/1999
22Abdallah GomaaEgypt10/01/1996
3Tarek HamedEgypt24/10/1988
44Maged HanyEgypt01/04/2003
18Ayman HefnyEgypt31/12/1985
31Mohamed HossamEgypt01/01/2001
53Mohamed KhodaryEgypt04/04/2002
37Youssef NabihEgypt07/09/2000
43Hossam AshrafEgypt20/06/2001
20Achraf BencharkiMorocco24/09/1994
26Razak CisséIvory Coast30/12/1998
19Omar El SaidEgypt23/06/1990
11Islam GaberEgypt01/05/1996
30Seifeddine JaziriTunisia12/02/1992
39Sayed MohamedEgypt12/01/2000
14Youssef ObamaEgypt26/05/1995
27Mohamed OunnajemMorocco04/01/1992
Jesualdo FerreiraPortugal24/05/1946
Ass. Manager
Osama NabihEgypt20/01/1975

The club is most known for their professional football squad, which competes in the highest division of the Egyptian football league system, the Egyptian Premier League Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023.

The Qasr El Nile Club was established on January 5th, 1911, and was first led by Belgian attorney George Merzbach. Two years later, the organization’s name was changed to Cairo International Sports Club (C.I.S.C. ), also known as El Mokhtalat Club or El Qhirah El Mokhtalat Club.

Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023
Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023

In 1941, the name of the club was changed to Farouk El Awal Club (Farouk I Club) in honor of King Farouk of Egypt. The club’s name was once again changed to Zamalek following the 1952 Egyptian Revolution Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023.

In the 1920s, Zamalek emerged as the first significant power in Egyptian football after becoming the nation’s first champion. Zamalek was the first Egyptian side to win the Cairo League (1922–1923), the Egypt Cup (1921–1922), and the Sultan Hussein Cup (1921–1922). Only two clubs have participated in every Egyptian Premier League season, while only seven clubs have never been demoted to the Second Division Zamalek SC Squad 2022/2023.

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